Educational and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management is the youngest structural unit Poltava National Technical University. The activity of the Institute began September 1, 2016, and a special holiday, full of light and warm feelings, because the Day of Knowledge has always been a symbol of good initiatives, discoveries and achievements.

The Institute, created by combining educational and scientific potential of two successful schools PoltNTU today prepares candidates of higher education in economics, finance, banking and insurance, accounting and tax management, public management and administration, marketing, entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities, international economic relations and tourism. The combination of high-quality basic training and active teaching methods aimed at mastering practical skills and skills provides graduates with good prospects for employment.

No less important than the educational activity is research work of the Institute in the regular fundamental and applied research on innovative educational technology, organization and carrying out high-level scientific conferences and Ukrainian subject Olympiads, and involved faculty team in international events, organization of students' theoretical and applied research, international scientific cooperation with educational and research organizations abroad.

Among the priority thematic areas of research of the Institute of Finance, Economics and Management in the near future, it was determined primarily as follows:
• research of complex problems of socio-economic development of Ukraine and its integration into the international community; study global economic system in the context of globalization;
• development of financial institutions in national economies; adaptation of governance to the challenges of the environment; Comparative analysis of the legal and economic systems; development of innovative technologies of higher education, improve methods and practice of vocational education.

In the educational institute of Finance, Economy and Management PoltNTU always an atmosphere of creativity, because the combination of science education, sports and interesting creative projects, initiated almost always the students will certainly contribute to fulfillment of each.

In general, a wide range of educational programs and research, the availability of the newest equipment and attract leading scientists, owning modern educational technologies to create the walls of Poltava National Technical University strong educational, research and innovation center, where talented young people can get a good start for further personal and professional development.

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